About Us

Some Background Information

I have travelled extensively within Australia, including some wild and remote areas, as far west as Broome in WA.

The Kimberly's remain largely unexplored with many species of invertebrates yet to be discovered. I travelled on the rugged Gibb River Road accessible only during the dry season, where I collected many interesting ant species, shot footage of little known spiders and unusual beetles, camped at some beautiful gorge's and waterfalls.

Drove the Tamani Track which took me all the way to Alice Springs.

This involved driving for a thousand kms through the vast out back Northern Territory, only seeing clouds of bull dust from the massive road trains which use this track . There I got the opportunity to film one of the world's strangest lizard, locally known as the Thorny Devil ( Moloch horridus ). This amazing lizard only eats  black ants.

Climbed Ayer's Rock ( Uluru ), witness the rock change colours when the sun sets, seeing a type of Hopping mouse ( Antechinomys laniger ). Flew across King Cannon in a helicopter, which was a inland sea millions of years ago.

Travelled to Cape York, assisted with 4wd tours, experience walking to the most northern part of Australia. Driving along beaches at low tide only seeing custom planes flying over. Tackling the Old Telegraph Track which was the only way to get to the top of Qld. Looking for the Green Tree Python ( Chondropython viridis ) which is only found in a small pocket of rainforest, this type of rainforest is equivalent  to rainforest that is grown in New Guniea.

Other areas which I have explored include Moreton, Fraser, and North Stradbroke Islands, four -wheel driving filming unusual creatures at low tide for our Dvds.

I hold a current Harvesting and Commercial Licence.

This allows me to collect spiders and scorpions in Qld on private properties. I'm well aware of the impact of indiscriminate collecting pratices that have occurred in the past. I therefore, practise sustainable methods, to ensure the ecological balance is maintained through proven and approved sustainable harvesting. My activities do not put any one species at greater risk, ensuring their availability and survival for generations to come.

My current blue card allows me to present shows at Schools and Parties to children and educate them about insects. I enjoy showing them live and dead specimens. It is amazing how much interest they show and how many misconceptions and unwarranted fears I am able to help them with.